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Call for submissions [May. 17th, 2010|04:14 am]
Kalakhang Maynila

Naku Po They Didn't! (NKPTD) is an English-language, online news-sharing community about Philippine popular culture and media.  A spin-off of ONTD (American) and OMNTD (Korean) on the same blogging platform, NKPTD aims to heighten overseas awareness and support for Filipino artists.

[info]nakupotheydidnt is now open for submissions!

Who can post: anyone with a LiveJournal account (It's free!)

What to post: any news or updates about Filipino artists, celebrities, shows, movies, music, and everything else pop culture.

Why you should post: because Filipinos are awesome!

Also interested in the very rich OPM live band scene? Visit our sister community at [info]nkptd_plugged.
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THE SEE SHOW [Aug. 22nd, 2009|03:41 am]
Kalakhang Maynila


opens tonight at 6pm
mag:net katipunan
music by WALA

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Julia: The Beloved. [Jun. 17th, 2009|08:10 pm]
Kalakhang Maynila
belovedjulia is the Official Community of our precious blue-eyed blondie JULIA who can speak and understand Tagalog fluently.


Grab a copy of Sidetrip! [May. 22nd, 2009|02:58 pm]
Kalakhang Maynila


Sidetrip Travel Magazine is a quarterly travel magazine, published by Pico Integrated Marketing Agency, that features new and exciting destinations in the Philippines.

Sidetrip captures the true spirit of travel and adventure. We are eager to discover new places, stories and culture. We bring you travel options that that most people never know and we cover lesser-known places of interest as well as history, food, culture and trivia to help make a well-informed and interesting trip.

Sidetrip will be available in all major branches of National Bookstore for 45 pesos starting May 2009.

For subscription inquiries, please check [HOW TO SUBSCRIBE]

For other questions and comments, please email sidetripmag@gmail.com
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Community Pimping! [Nov. 11th, 2008|10:21 am]
Kalakhang Maynila


Hello, mga kababayan! I'm Clariz, living in Cavite, Philippines.

I would just like to promote my community, </a></b></a>filipino_fanfic  . Kaya kung meron sa inyo na mga mahilig magsulat diyan, lalo na ng mga fanfics, sana sumali kayo! I encourage fanfic writers of all fandom to join my community.

I hope this post will be allowed. Salamat po!

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Copied from the Blog of a poet-philosopher friend... [Oct. 31st, 2008|08:08 am]
Kalakhang Maynila

May marilag na kislap ang iyong mga mata.
Ang luha mo’y sinasalaminan ng lampara.
Humikbi kang nakangiti. Hanggang sa sandaling
yaon, misteryo pa nga namang maituturing
kung pa’nong ang isang ‘ika mo nga’y kahangala’y
magbubunga ng ligayang nagkatawang-tao.
Misteryo, ‘ika mo, at muli kang magtatanong:
“…gantimpala, gayong ako’y nagkamali?” Hala,
wala sa lohika ng mundo ang kasagutan.
“Espirituwal,” muli mong hikbi. Ngayong gabi
winakasan ng iyong sanggol ang lahat-lahat:
pagkalito, alinlangan, at takot na baka
wala nga naman palang Bathalang tumitiyak
na, oo, may langit at langit kang matitikman
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UP JPIA presents PROJECT ACTIVATE [Aug. 31st, 2008|09:19 am]
Kalakhang Maynila

UP Junior Philippine Institute of the Philippines (UPJPIA)
Financial Project Adhoc 
bring you


Kickoff Party @ Metrobar West Avenue: 09.06.08
Adidas & Tribu Brand Sale @ YellowHouse AS Walk: 09.09-12.08
Fitness Camp @ AS Parking Lot:09.12.08

tickets at 270 php
contact 09178830921 / 09172739481

to get updates about the latest happenings in UPJPIA
text ON LUK4 UPJPIA and send to
7000 (globe)
386- (smart)
2.50/ update

 Generalposter2.jpg PA v.1 picture by zellehey

capoeira, futkal exhibition, hottest bands, standup comedy, fitness demos, basketball,brand sales, speedclimbing, fashion show.

we give you the everything. we give you the best.
there's nothing you could ask for.
activation starts now!
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UP JPIA presents Chalk Campus Style Brigade [Aug. 28th, 2008|07:10 pm]
Kalakhang Maynila

UP Junior Philippine Institute of the Philippines (UPJPIA)
Financial Project Adhoc and CHALK
bring you
CHALKCAMPUSSTYLEBRIGADE.jpg picture by babsjwinkle

Win a scholarship to the School of Fashion and the Arts.
Open to all bonafide students of UP Diliman.
Theme: Casual Avant- garde
Submit five designs in digital format ( CD or DVD) to the UP JPIA org room or contact Majo 09178040808
Preliminary screening by representatives of CHALK and SOFA.
Submission of enrties is from August 25 to Sept 5 2008.
Top five designers will be featured at the
 Project Activate Fitness Camp
 on September 12 2008 at the AS Parking Lot
where students can for their favorite designs. 
Activation starts now!

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Eraserheads Tickets, Sonic Boom Anniversary, Tara, and 6 Underground!!! [Aug. 27th, 2008|04:53 pm]
Kalakhang Maynila


Greetings from OdysseyLive.Net!


Eraserheads Concert Countdown has Begun!

Just 3 days til the show!

Click below for more info on the show and how to get tickets!!!


Last saturday, Sonic Boom celebrated their 2nd Anniversary, and wow what a success!!!

Thank you to The Gauntlet and to Kindred for these photos!

click on the photo below for more info!


TARAsDAY - a fundraising event for Tara Bosch-Santelices

The launch of 6 underground TV and Radio Shows!

Have a great week and weekend everyone! 

Its a great time in Original Filipino Music!!!


Live the Music!!!
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PhilPost Woes [Aug. 14th, 2008|12:54 pm]
Kalakhang Maynila

Does anyone know how long packages sent from abroad get to Manila? I ordered a book from Japan about three weeks ago and still haven't received it. Emailed the seller and was told things sent to US and Europe usually get there in a couple of weeks or less so it should get to the Philippines in about a week. Articles like this are not helping my anxiety any.

Still kicking myself in the ass for not considering other courier services like LBC. At least they have online tracking.
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